The Best Graduation Cap Ideas 2019

Graduation day is approaching, many students looking for the best graduation cap ideas needed. When it comes to graduation day, students treat this historic day seriously. Before this graduation day arrives, various preparations are made to ensure their graduation ceremony run perfectly.

Graduation day is an exceptional day that has been waited for many years. As we all know that a student has to go through various hard times before they eventually walk down to the isle wear graduation caps on their graduation day.

A graduation is a formal event. The student who attend a graduation ceremony, they have to wear proper dress code. Graduation caps, hood, and gown are worn during this special event.

Today, we are going to discuss everything related to graduation caps so that you will gain a solid understanding of this square academic cap. By the end of this article, for sure you will know more details about the history of graduation caps, different types of graduation caps, and the best graduation caps ideas.

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The History of Graduation Caps

For the best graduation caps ideas, you have to read this article thoroughly. There are many stories behind this graduation caps. However before we discuss further graduation caps ideas, it will be better for us to understand the history behind this particular dressing code. I will be a bad idea if you wear something so important in your life, but you do not know why you have to wear them. The fact is that there are many stories behind this particular dress that you should know.

Firstly, what is a graduation cap? Graduation caps or the square academic caps, cap, graduate caps or sometimes call mortarboard, or oxford caps is an academic dress that concise of a square box on the horizontal position that place upon the skull-cap that equips with the tassel that attached to the center. Graduation cap is usually worn with a gown or a hood during student graduation ceremony.

As we all know that graduation cap is one of the proudest clots items that anyone ever wears. A graduation cap is a symbol of both maturity and accomplishment. This particular dress is also signifying the end of one life and the start of a new one. In high school graduation ceremony student wear a graduation caps on their head. A bachelor’s and master’s degree may attend graduation ceremony wearing the caps and gowns the need.

In 1950, a priest called Joseph Durham, and O’Reilly invented what so call modern graduation caps. This was an improvement of the traditional caps available. To make the mortarboard sturdier, they insert some metals filling in it. This new mortarboard creation has become a new standard of graduation caps all over the world.

So, How Long Have Square Academic cap Been Around?

Originally, this kind of caps was worn by Roman Catholic clergy. The traditional hat that worn by clergy in Roman Catholic Church is also called a Biretta. There was a painting made by early 1454 shows some people wear this Biretta. The fact is that in some points these caps are worn by a person who has an authority who is in command or a person who have a high level of education.

However, over the time the use of this kind of cap has evolved. A nowadays graduation cap is worn to celebrate or signify achievement of academic success in various school and university. As we mentioned earlier that modern graduation cap is invented by Edward O’Reilly and his friend. So, who is O’Reilly actually is? O’Reilly was born in 1920 in a city called Lawton In England. During the Second World War, he serves in the Navy.

This person is also called Nad. He was an Air Craft engineer as his primary career. Interestingly enough he also serves as swimming coach at the University Of Oklahoma. During that time he was a junior college student. A friend of O’Reilly who both invented new graduation caps is less known than O’Reilly. These both people were able to create a product that now proudly worn by man graduate student from all over the world.

Types of Modern Graduation Cap

In the modern era, graduation cap come with the various ornament that makes this kind of caps more interesting.  Mortarboard and graduation tam are two popular types graduation cap available today

  • Mortarboard


This unique graduation cap is believed to be inspired by the board where bricklayer place to the mortar. Therefore this type of graduation cap is also called Mortarboard. Mortarboard usual worn with a gown.  This type of graduation cap commonly has black color. If you wear mortarboard, you have to place on the corner of your mortarboard facing forward. There is a tassel in the middle of the board and during the graduation ceremony, this tassel place on the right side of the cap.

  • Graduation Tam

graduation tam

This kind of graduation caps is also called Tudor Bonnet. This specific type of graduation caps is reserve on for Master and Doctorate Recipient. Graduation tam usual made of fluffy velvet material with a circular design. There is a tassel in the center of graduation tam , but the tassel place on the left side. This graduation Tam is also called Tudor bonnet referred to Tudor Era in England.

  • Oxford and Cambridge University

genuine vintage university fixed mortar board graduation cap

Today graduation cap wears by many graduate students from every university in the World. So, which university adopt the usage of a graduation cap on their graduation ceremony?  It has been reported that Oxford and Cambridge University are two first Universities that adopt modern graduation caps on their graduate students.

However, before 15th Century. People still wore Catholic’s birettas which similarly worn b priest and scholar from the 14th century. However after 15th century most graduate student wear mortarboard caps on their graduation ceremony.

The best graduation caps ideas

In modern era graduation caps has become very popular as most graduate students wear this kind of caps on their graduation ceremony. Most students want unique graduation caps. Therefore, they add a certain ornament to decorate their grads cap. If you are looking for the best graduation cap ideas, here are some beautiful graduation caps ideas that I am sure you will love them:

Polaroid Photo Caps

polaroid photo caps

If you want to show off your life memories, you can do it by attaching your favorite photos to your graduation caps. People said that picture is worth a thousand words. So, you just do that, and your graduation caps will tell a story of your life to other people. Additionally, you can print out your favorite photos and use it as decoration on your graduation party. I am sure that your guest will love your photos.

The Best Quotes with Floral Ornament

the best quotes with floral ornament

The girls who are looking for The Best Graduation Cap Ideas, you have to try this. Just pick any quotes from your favorite and make some floral decoration. This kind of graduation caps is not only beautiful but also stating your personality to other people.

Graduation Caps with Movie Character

Everybody has their favorite movie. If you love star wars movie, you can use any star war character to decorate your graduation caps. This is really a brilliant way of decorating your graduation caps.

A Shout Out to Your Mom and Dad

If you believe that your Mom and your Dad is always supportive, then they deserve a shout out by writing it down on your graduation caps. I am sure that your Mom and Dad will be proud of you as you proud for them as well.

Thank Google

thanks google

After thanking your family and friends, you should never forget with other tools like Google that help you to earn the diploma. Google shout out is not only unique but at the same time will make people smile after reading your shout out at your graduation caps.

Funny Quoted Graduation Caps

funny quotes graduation caps

It is true that graduation day is an important day for the student. However, if you have a high sense of humor, you can show it by writing some funny quote to your grads caps. This will not only show your personality but at the sometimes people will smile when they read your message.

Super Hero Style

super hero style

Everybody has their favorite own superhero stye. You can show off your favorite superhero on your graduation caps.

Motivational Quotes

motivational quotes
Photo by: @covrtcreates

Everybody loves the motivational quote. If you have any motivational quote that really affects your life, you can show it to other why writing it down to your graduation caps.

The Day that Finally Arrives


Some people often said that someday they will graduate from the college. That dream is arriving today on graduation day. Simple but meaningful graduation caps decoration.

Paint the world, and you will conquer It soon


You just graduate, and you are ready to rule the world. You can show off your intention to get a successful life and able to conquer the world

Goal Digger

goal digger

There is no doubt that you are goal digger but not a gold digger. This graduation caps shows that you have worked hard and you deserve for your graduation.

Next is to be hired

pc grad caps 43 1 1024x1024

After Graduation, you are ready for the next move and get hire by Big Company that you dream off. You can write it down your future dream here.

Thank to Coffee

thank to coffee

I am sure that your Mom and Dad play a great rule in your school success and now is your graduation day. So, what else you should mention after you Parent? Well, apparently coffee has a special place in your hart as coffee help you to stay awake.

Ready to Pay our Loan Lack


Graduation is a new start in life. The student used to receive loans, but from now on you will start to pay back your loan as you will get a job, start to earn money and paying your loan.

Real Life Reminder

real life reminder

This graduation cap is remainder for all graduates about the real challenge that you have to face in the future. Remember that getting success is easy as long as you know how to do it.

Follow Your Dream


Everybody has a dream.  If you have a dream, then you have to work hard to make your dream to become a reality. Have a big dream, and you will have a big success.

Give to your Parent

give to your parent

You are a gift for your parent. The diploma that you receive is also a gift to your parent. In this case, you can show your gratitude to your mom and dad by writing it down on your graduation caps.

Feminine and Pretty

feminine and pretty

This is the best graduate cap ideas suitable for female students. Look pretty full with ornaments that show feminine aspect of the owner.

Caps for genius engineering students grads

caps for genius engineering students grads

This graduation cap is specifically designed by student engineering. The gear shows what the owner of this cap capable of. For sure he or she must be a smart engineer

I’m not Throwing Away My Shot

i'm not throwing away my shot

This beautiful graduation cap is beautifully crafted with gorgeous calligraphy featuring gold color. This cap is beautifully made for an extraordinary moment of your life.

 The Best Yet to Come in Gold and White Colour

 the best yet to come in gold and white colour

The word of “The best is yet to come.”  On this cap shows your eagerness to face your brighter future. This is a pretty graduation caps design suitable for everyone.

Pearly white for Dentistry Student

pearly white for dentistry student

This graduation caps is perfectly made by dentistry student. Everybody smiles on graduation day, and I am sure the owner of this graduation caps have a brighter smile than the others.

Dobby is free

dobby is free
Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Many people get inspired by the harry potter movie story. If you are one of them, you can make graduation caps with dobby character painted on it. The fact is that you can use any movie character of your choice.

Graduation caps with 3-D Elements

graduation caps with 3 d elements
Photo by: @midwesmermaidart

For eye-catching graduation cap, you can use 3-D effect ornament on your caps. This flower ornament is beautifully made that make it look real.

Truly Grateful Graduation Caps

truly grateful graduation caps

If you want to show your gratefulness, you can make graduation caps like this one. This cap becomes more special with beautiful flower ornaments and interesting text design that make this caps stand out.

The Queen Power

the queen power

Inspire by heritage graduation caps to celebrate your successful life. Shows everyone that you are the queen and you are ready to conquer the world.

Alice in Wonderland Grads Caps

alice in wonderland grads caps
Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Alice in Wonderland is the classic adventure story that inspires many people. If you are one of them, you can create beautiful graduation caps like this.

Keep Laughing Don’t Worry about the Future

pc grad caps 1 2 1024x1024

You have worked hard every day to earn the diploma, and it is time to laugh aloud. Don’t worry too much about the future. With diploma in your hand, you will have a brighter future ever.

Kanye for Class President 2018

kanye for class president 2018
photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Kanye’s “Graduation Day” album is suitable for grads students. Inspiring quotes with beautifully painted ornament. This is best graduation caps that suitable for everyone.

Your Presentation

This graduation cap represents our faith that affects your life journey greatly. If you wish you can add some number or name of your favorite scripture onto your grads caps.

Truthful-First Generation Grads


Nothing is ashamed to be truthful. If you are the first person in the family to have graduated from university, you can show it off on your graduation caps. This accomplishment means so much for all your family members.

Night with Star

night with star

If you are major art students or art lover you can create graduation caps with start ornament like this one. This art masterpiece will stand out among other graduate students.

Hello Kitty Graduation Caps

hello kitty graduation caps
Photo by: @covrtcreates

For Hello Kitty lover they can make graduation caps similar to these caps. This is the best graduation cap ideas related to Hello Kitty character.

Landlocked Mermaid with Degree

landlocked mermaid with degree
Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Some people love a landlocked mermaid. Decorating your grads caps with the landlocked mermaid is a great idea. The mermaid is now free back to the ocean. This cap is unique and beautifully crafted.

Graduate caps with Mulan Character

graduate caps with mulan character

Everyone loves Mulan classic Character. Everyone is honored on this occasion. This is the best graduation cap ideas you can make it easier. For Mulan Lover, this caps is for you.

I Busted Mine to Save Yours

i busted mine to save yours
photo by: @decoryourday

Working in the medical field is not an easy task. You have to be ready dealing with various types of people that may irritate you. There are many ungrateful and thankless people out there. However, as a medical professional, you have to stay calm and be professional. This cap is a reminder for everyone who works in the medical field.

Ends of Act One

ends of act one
Photo by: 2the_creativecreations

The curtain is closed for part one, but part two soon will be opened. This graduation caps is meaningful as you finish with your student life and start your new life as professionals. This brilliant graduation caps is suitable for someone who loves performing like a student with a theatre major.

Graduation Caps with Family Pride

graduation caps with family pride

Translate to flying high without forgetting where I come from, Thank to Mom and Dad. Graduates student should not forget their parent who always supports them along the way. Remembering your rood is important as you have to understand your identity.

Sweet and light-hearted Graduation Caps

sweet and light hearted graduation caps.
Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

You can show your personality by writing sweet quotes that represent your character. You can add some ornament to your grads caps to make it stand out.

Ciao, Adios, and Au Revoir

ciao, adios, and au revoir
Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

Simplicity is everything. For those who love simplicity, they can decorate their graduation caps with god bay word in various languages. This grads cap suitable for any student with any language major. However, this cap is ideal for everyone who likes everything to be simple on their graduation day.

Nursing graduation caps with Charm

nursing graduation caps with charm
Photo by: @simplesoutherncrafts

If you love Grey Anatomy film, you must know Meredith. Even if you are not Meredith, you can create a graduation cap like this for your graduation day. This kind of caps is suitable for Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist and other professions that work in the medical field.

Thank Mom, Dad, and Wine


Acknowledging your parent for your graduation is very important to show your gratefulness to them. However, you should not forget with the wine brand that helps you unwind after hard work and study.

Push the Boundaries

push the boundaries
Photo by:

Said that well-behaved woman rarely makes history. It is true that to achieve something great sometimes we need to push boundaries. Gorgeous design and empowering quoted make this particular graduation cap stand out.


bride to be
Photo by: @decoryyourday

Graduation and married are two important even in ones live. Combining both life achievements in one short span of time is really something need to be appreciated. This graduation caps shows everyone that you are capable of balancing academic and personal life perfectly.

Up and Away Grads Caps

up and away grads caps
Photo by: @kimscustomcaps

The word of up here is representing the advisories personality on the grads cap owner. You can have a great adventure and achieve great success. This is a great quote and can be used by any graduate student with various major.

Ravenclaw Pride

ravenclaw pride
Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

If you love to harry potter series, you obviously know Ravenclaw Pride. There are many Harry Porter character that suitable for graduation even. Harry porter lover knows very well about this matter.

Hija de Inmigrantes

hija de inmigrantes
photo by: @kimscustomcaps

Translate to the daughter of the immigrant. You can show your pride of heritage and your parent by writing it down something like this one. You can change the word with any word of your choice that suitable to your condition.

Lion King Quotes.

lion king quotes.
Photo by: @midwestmermaidart

If you love Lion King Movies, you must know the inspirational quote that said by the Lion King. Adding bright and beautiful color and ornament makes this beautiful graduate cap idea suitable for everyone.

Young, Scrappy and Hungry

young, scrappy and hungry
Photo by: @viola. design_

Alexander Hamilton the musical inspires million people all over the world. If you are one of them, you can use beautiful quotes that come directly from the show. However, this quote is suitable for our graduation even.

Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish

stay hungry and stay foolish

Stay Hungry and Stay Foolish quote are mentioned by Steve Job from Apples. There are many other quotes from a prominent person that inspire people from all over the world. You can choose one of our favorites and decorate it onto your graduation cap.

Never Give Up Quotes


Resilience is the Key for success. This inspirational quote is suitable for any students with different Major. Find any quotes that inspire you and use it for your graduation caps.

Graduation cap with Art Design


The art design always goes well with graduation caps. This mosaic is super cool especially if you don’t want to write anything to our grads caps. This tile shape ornament comes up with different color depending on the angle that you look at it.

The Quote from the Avid Mean Girl

the quote from the avid mean girl

Very often movie quotes inspire us for a long period of time. If you like to put down movie quote onto your graduation caps, you can use the quote from the Avid Mean Girls like this one.

Happy Grad with Disney Homepage

happy grad with disney homepage

You can show your happiness by decorating your graduate cap with Disney theme. The fact is that Disney theme is famous grads cap decoration around the world. This kind of decoration is easy to make and look great on your grad caps.

Pink and Flowery Grad Cap

pink and flowery grad cap
Photo by: @cambam0_o

The flower is a favorite ornament in graduation caps. If you want to make your caps beautiful without making too much effort, you have to use flower as decoration to our caps.

Graduation caps with Custom Message


This kind of graduation caps is a unique grads cap as you can choose a wide range of message that you are going to write and decorate it onto our grads cap. The message itself can be something funny or certain quotes that inspire people who read

Creativity takes Courage

creativity takes courage

This beautifully made graduation cap is decorated with inspiring quotes. This grads cap specifically designed for student with art major or any student that love art.

Belle Character on Grads Cap

belle character on grads cap

As we all know that Belle is beautiful bookworm character that loves adventure. This character is suitable for you who has stud hard to reach the great academic achievement. If you believe that Belle character has similarity with your, then you have to create this cap for your own.

Grads caps with Adventure Quotes

grads caps with adventure quotes

Everybody has the adventure side of their own. You can show our adventure side by creating a graduation cap like this one.

We have share full story about graduation caps and different type of graduation cap ideas. I hope that you can be inspired and help you to choose the right graduation caps decoration that you need. If you find this article helpful please don’t hesitate to share this article to your social media like Facebook, Instagram,  Twitter and other social media that you have.

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