29+ Barndominium Floor Plans Ideas to Suit Your Budget

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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about barndominium floor plans? Based on the first combo, it is a combination style between a barn house with a condominium. A barn house is typically made out of a lasting metal construction. In the US rural or farming areas, a barn house consists of two things: a barn and a living quarter.

A condominium always has a posh, luxurious concept of a home design. Some condos may have two to three stories and they are usually large. To integrate the barn (to gather their harvest) with the living quarter, then the idea of ‘barndominium’ came. These days, there are many barndominium floor plans that you may consider. Not only unique, this idea is also efficient. You can get two functions in one.

Obviously, you cannot have this type of a home living built in the urban area. It is home-sweet-home to some, while it can also be a weekend resort or a summer or winter house on a holiday. You can either have a Fourth of July or a Christmas break here with your family and friends. The capacity is guaranteed big enough for a great number of people.

So, ready to check out some of these interesting barndominium floor plans?

Bandominium Fixer Upper

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Barndominium floor plans are well-known for their high ceilings. It does not matter if you prefer one-floor-only, two, or three stories. To give the “return-to-nature” concept, the majority of the interior is made of wood. The same-sized wood boards or pallets are used for the ceilings, walls, stairs, and even the floors too.

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To add some more lights into the room, the trick is to have windows and glass sliding doors (especially to the backyard). You will not need so much light indoors if it is summer and in the daytime. This trick can save you a lot of electricity use at home. You only need to turn on the lights at night.

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Of course, seasons and weather with darker skies (autumn and winter) are different. This is why you still need some hanging lamps in your barndominium house. It is a good thing that the ceilings should be high. That way, when you turn on the lights,

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the rooms will not feel too hot. There is still a pretty great deal of distance between the lamp and the top of your head.

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Barndominium Color Inspiration

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Since most barndominium floor plans use wood as the basic material, it is natural to have it brown. That is also the typical colour most regular barns have.

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However, brown is not the only option. If you prefer other colours, you can paint the wood with other neutral colours. For example: white. You do not have to go all whites with the interior, though. You can leave the pillars and frames brown as the outlines. You can even leave the floor dark brown, just like the original colour of the wood used.

The Lights and Ventilation Issues

The benefit of having a high ceiling is to have more air into the room. For this, hanging lamps are the best option. The right ventilation on the top roof also works wonders to get some more oxygen into the house.

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A barndominium usually has more than enough space for many windows. As mentioned earlier, enough windows mean getting enough light into the room during daytime and saving electricity use.


However, if you worry about having a Peeping Tom because of too many accessible windows by view, you can reduce them on the ground floor. Besides having them on the second or third floor, you can add a skylight on the rooftop.

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The Stains, The Finishes, The Paint, and Other Materials Used

Barndominium House Plans Lovely Best Barndominium Floor Plans For Planning Your Own Barndominium
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There are options of wood to use for your barndominium floor plans. Depending on your budget and availability, you can either use mahogany, teak, redwood, or any other kind of wood.

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To grade its surface or colour (or should we say, brown-ness), it depends on the stains or finishes you use. You can leave the surface as it is, but you still need to sandpaper it for a smoother surface. That way, no feet will be injured as they walk on the wooden floor.

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You can also stain or use the right finish to darken or lighten the wood’s surface. For example: the floor should be dark, while the frames of the windows and the entire house are light brown. Another choice would be to paint the wood white, maroon, dark green, or any other neutral colours you can think of.

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Usually, darker colours like maroon, dark green, or perhaps black are used for the barndominium’s exterior. If you prefer choosing one of them for the interior, you might need more lights inside.

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You can also use some stones to build some parts of the walls. For example: the exterior and the entrance walls made of river stones. You do not even need to work on the surface. Let them stay with their natural look.

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The Benefits of Barndominium Floor Plans

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Earlier, we know that barndominium houses can be for your living quarters or weekend resorts. Other benefits of owning one include:

  1. It does not take too much time to build one.
  2. It is more affordable than building a conventional house.
  3. Its metal construction helps the barndominium to last for a long time. In other words, you get a tough and sturdy barn home, with the quality of a condominium.
  4. You can create more unique rooms, whether it is for your child, a workspace, a storage space, or any space you can think of.
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How to Create Your Own Barndominium Floor Plan

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If you are interested to have your own barndominium, here are some tips:

  1. Do your research thoroughly, whether online or with the help of your architect acquaintance.
  2. Create the floor plan.
  3. Create the budget plan and choose the right materials.
  4. Make sure that you have already got a decent land for your barndominium.
  5. Start building.
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Small House Floor Plans
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This is not just for anyone who would like to build a barndominium house from scratch. You can also use barndominium floor plans to redesign, renovate, and repair your once conventional house. For more hundreds of bandominium floor plans & pole, you can find out in pinterest. (source: pinterest, homebnc)

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