The AP Writes About NSN’s “Year in Tahrir” Conference

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The AP Writes About NSN’s “Year in Tahrir” Conference

Conference at Detroit’s Wayne State University to examine origins, effects of ‘Arab Spring

April 9, 2012 | The Associated Press 

DETROIT — A Detroit university is convening a group of experts Saturday to examine the achievements and setbacks of the protests and upheavals across the Middle East known as the Arab Spring.

The conference entitled “A Year in Tahrir: The Future of the Arab Spring and its Implications in the U.S.” will be held at Wayne State University. Topics include the origins and status of the reform movements, the role of external governments and organizations and the Arab Spring’s effect on U.S.

Speakers include Marc Lynch of George Washington University and Radwan Ziadeh of the Syrian National Council opposition group in exile.

The conference is organized by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, National Security Network and the university’s Program for International Legal Studies.



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