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PakistanMonday, July 27, 2015

Imagine, a Good News Story on Pakistan

Imagine, a Good News Story on Pakistan By Tara Sonenshine, Member of the NSN Advisory Board July 27, 2015 | The Hill We are so used to stories about Pakistan that include terrorism, violence, bombs and bullets. Similarly, we are used to stories about failed foreign aid, fraud, waste, abuse, charities that don’t do what they promise and a growing sense that we have so many problems at home, so why bother doing anything abroad? Into that cynical vortex comes a Washington Post story with a very different and welcome message about a part of Pakistan that is using outside money and inside determination to prove the critics wrong and remind us why we should care and why we should support cross-cultural engagement. In a remote… Read More ›

AfghanistanPakistanThursday, July 11, 2013

Beyond the Zero Option in Afghanistan

Recent reports that the Obama administration is more seriously considering the so-called “zero option” in Afghanistan that would totally remove U.S. troops from the country following the 2014 transition highlight the difficulty of striking the right balance in Afghanistan policy. The key determinants of Afghanistan’s future are economic and political, and here there is no “zero option:” much more work remains to be done there by Afghans, Americans and international partners alike to make next year’s withdrawal successful. Conducting successful elections, promoting political reconciliation, training Afghan security forces and securing the place of women and civil society are all tasks not yet complete – and not diminished by a diminishing number of U.S. forces. Military leaders highlight that the zero option can viably protect American… Read More ›

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