Nuclear Security

Extension of Talks Keeps Iran’s Nuclear Program Frozen and Potential Deal Alive

November 24, 2014

5 Key Takeaways from Obama’s West Point Speech

May 28, 2014

President Obama laid out his foreign-policy vision for his second term in a commencement address this morning at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. While the United States will act decisively and unilaterally against imminent threats to its national security, he said, it must also act cautiously as it assesses how to respond to […]

Positive Signs for Resolving Iran Nuclear Issue

May 23, 2014

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) released today its latest update on Iran’s compliance with an ongoing investigation into the possible military dimensions (PMD) of Iran’s nuclear program. The report finds that Iran is cooperating with investigators and in compliance with its obligations under the Joint Plan of Action, agreed to last November. The news […]

Working Through the Tough Issues with Iran

May 16, 2014

This week, the P5+1 began a new round of talks over Iran’s nuclear program. The talks are scheduled to continue through Saturday.  Thus far, news out of the negotiations indicates that talks have been challenging, characterized as “good but difficult” by Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi, while U.S. officials have called for more progress. […]

NSN Co-hosts Iran Briefing on Capitol Hill

April 24, 2014

Making a Good Deal with Iran April 24, 2015     National Security Network and the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation hosted a briefing, “Making a Good Deal with Iran,” featuring Dr. Colin Kahl (Center for a New American Security) and Dr. Paul Pillar (Brookings Institute), and moderated by NSN’s Executive Director John Bradshaw. […]

Iran Talks on Track Despite Russian Threats to Undermine Progress

March 21, 2014

The latest round of talks with the P5+1 powers over Iran’s nuclear program were held this week. This was the second round of negotiations since the implementation of the Joint Plan of Action, which temporarily rolled back aspects of Iran’s nuclear program. The negotiations were widely received as making incremental progress as delegates focused on […]

Avoiding Nuclear Fallout from the Crimea Crisis

March 19, 2014

Observers have begun to turn their attention to thinking through the potential second-order effects of the Crimea crisis. While it remains too soon to draw any conclusions, Washington and Europe must pay close attention to managing potential longer-term unintended consequences of decisions made today to deal with the crisis. One of the top such concerns […]

[UPDATED] NSN Press Call: Assessing Negotiations with Iran

Vienna Talks Assessing Negotiations with Iran CALL TIME Wednesday, March 19, 2014 11:00 AM Eastern ABOUT THE CALL Senior officials from  the P5+1 countries are scheduled to gather in Vienna, Austria next week for a new round of talks with Iran, aimed at halting the country’s nuclear ambitions. On Wednesday, March 19th, the National Security […]

Taking a Fresh Look at North Korea

March 12, 2014

As policymakers remain understandably focused on upcoming negotiations with Iran concerning its nuclear program, North Korea continues to pose a serious national security challenge to the United States and Northeast Asia. Preceding Kim Jong-un’s “reelection” over the weekend, North Korea fired multiple short range ballistic missiles into the ocean as a signal of dissatisfaction with […]

Yahoo! News Covers NSN North Korea Event on Capitol Hill

February 27, 2014

US ex-envoy says dialogue vital with North Korea February 27, 2014 | Yahoo! News   Washington (AFP) – The US diplomat who led the last substantive denuclearization negotiations with North Korea urged fresh dialogue Wednesday, warning that the long gap in talks only aggravated the risks. Christopher Hill represented the United States in six-nation talks […]

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