NSN Statement: Plans to Normalize Relations with Cuba

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NSN Statement: Plans to Normalize Relations with Cuba

National Security Network Statement on Plans to Normalize Relations with Cuba

December 17, 2014 

Washington, DC — Along with the release of  USAID contractor Alan Gross and an unnamed U.S. intelligence asset, President Obama announced today sweeping changes in U.S. policy with Cuba, normalizing relations after half a century of Cold War isolation.

National Security Network’s Executive Director John Bradshaw today issued the following statement:

President Obama’s bold action in restoring relations with Cuba is more likely to lead to positive changes in the lives of the Cuban people than current policy. The new opening gets beyond rigid Cold War mindsets of the past and looks at the practical realities of the current situation, recognizing that our estrangement from Cuba is not changing the regime but is providing it with an excuse for its failures. Engagement with Cuba should emphasize the need for greater freedom, respect for human rights, and increased democratic participation. More travel to Cuba by Americans and the increased flows of information that should result from the new policies will gradually lead to a more pluralistic, open society in Cuba. Those in Congress who are already trying to block the President’s plans should listen to the voices of younger Cuban Americans who are able see that re-integrating Cuba into the life of the hemisphere is in America’s bests interests.    

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Photo Credit: Alan Gross news conference after his release by Cuba, C-SPAN 12/17/14

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