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NSN Statement on Kerry Nomination

In response to today’s White House announcement of Senator John Kerry’s nomination to be Secretary of State, NSN Executive Director Heather Hurlburt issued the following statement:

In nominating Senator Kerry, a decorated war hero and public servant, President Obama has put forth a candidate of the highest quality to be America’s top diplomat.   

Senator Kerry’s lifelong concern with how America’s moral leadership reinforces our strategic interests has led him to serve as a visible, vital force on behalf of the United States from North Korea to Pakistan to South Sudan. His leadership on energy and trade, nuclear non-proliferation and the changing Middle East make him particularly qualified to meet twenty-first century challenges that transcend national boundaries and Cabinet departments.

He brings longstanding personal relationships with world leaders and civil society to the challenges of winding down the war in Afghanistan, supporting an Arab world in transition and growing relationships with traditional allies and emerging powers. He understands as well as anyone the challenge posed by fiscal austerity and the twin demands of diplomatic security and a world that, more than ever, requires expansive U.S. presence.

I look forward to prompt Senate action to confirm Senator Kerry as Secretary of State and show our friends and opponents that, in international affairs, the United States is more than ready to face the future with unity of purpose.

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