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IranTuesday, January 5, 2016

John Bradshaw Discusses Ending Diplomatic Ties with Iran on The Big Picture

Saudi Arabia Vs. Iran… Here’s Why January 4, 2016 | The Big Picture RT Multiple Middle Eastern states have ended diplomatic ties with Iran after tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran rapidly escalated this weekend. John Bradshaw, NSN’s Executive Director, joins Thom Hartman to dicucss what it means for the on-going conflicts in the Middle East – and what it means for the future of diplomacy in the region.   To watch the original interview posting, click here. Read More ›

IranSaudi ArabiaYemenWednesday, April 15, 2015

J. Dana Stuster Appears on Al Jazeera Discussing Yemen

Can an arms embargo deter the Houthis? April 15, 2015 | Al Jazeera This interview is in Arabic.        The United Nations Security Council has passed a resolution banning arms sales to Houthis, who condemned the move. They described it as a move that supports “aggression”. At the same time, Iran said it will present a peace plan for Yemen. It involves a ceasefire, humanitarian assistance, a dialogue between Yemeni factions and a broad-based government. But can the UN resolution change things on the ground? And what is behind Tehran’s plan? Presenter Shiulie Ghosh Guests: Khaled Batarfi – senior columnist at the Saudi Gazette Mohammad Marandi – professor at the University of Tehran Dana Stuster – policy analyst at the National Security Network.… Read More ›

IranPoliticsTuesday, March 10, 2015

David Mercer on Fox News on GOP Political Gamble

Could Iran Letter Backfire on Republicans? Fox News March 10, 2015 NSN Board of Directors member David Mercer joins Fox News’ Strategy Room to discuss the GOP’s political gamble on Sen. Cotton’s letter to Iran. …out of self-interest, not in the interest of the American public, or the national security, or it allies including Israel to find a path to defuse the threat of Iran, but that the allies that are working with the United States, whether it be Great Britain, German or others to come to get stability in that region. That is what they undermined, and that is intolerable, deplorable, and should never happen again. – David Mercer Watch the latest video at   To watch the original footage, click here. Read More ›

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