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Hillary ClintonUkraineTuesday, March 4, 2014

John Bradshaw Quoted In Buzzfeed On Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Stays Out Of The Foreign Policy Fray Clinton has tiptoed around a series of major national security developments, even as Republicans have targeted her record. “It’s a challenging position.” Ruby Cramer  March 4, 2014 | Buzzfeed In the last year, as crises overseas have tested U.S. foreign policy — from Egypt to Syria to Ukraine — the nation’s former top diplomat has responded with restraint and, sometimes, silence. Hillary Clinton has yet to comment on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a situation that escalated Saturday when 6,000 troops moved into the province of Crimea. Even as Republicans have criticized the former secretary of state for her implementation of Obama’s “reset” approach to Russia in recent weeks, Clinton has stayed quiet. Her spokesman did not respond to… Read More ›

RussiaUkraineMonday, March 3, 2014

John Bradshaw Interviewed By The Agenda With Steve Paikin On Ukraine

The Agenda with Steve Paikin’s Daniel Kitts interviews NSN’s John Bradshaw on Russia’s decision to send troops into Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula Daniel Kitts  March 3, 2014 | The Agenda with Steve Paikin Monday night’s program is an in-depth discussion of what some are calling the biggest crisis in Europe since the end of the Cold War: Russia’s decision to send troops into Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula.  … In our conversation, Mr. Bradshaw explains why he thinks U.S. President Barack Obama should not to listen to military hawks in the Republican Party and what he thinks can be done to help defuse the crisis. To watch the interview, click here.  Read More ›

North KoreaNuclear SecurityThursday, February 27, 2014

Yahoo! News Covers NSN North Korea Event on Capitol Hill

US ex-envoy says dialogue vital with North Korea February 27, 2014 | Yahoo! News   Washington (AFP) – The US diplomat who led the last substantive denuclearization negotiations with North Korea urged fresh dialogue Wednesday, warning that the long gap in talks only aggravated the risks. Christopher Hill represented the United States in six-nation talks in which Pyongyang agreed in 2005 and 2007 to give up its nuclear weapons in return for aid and security guarantees. Relations have since worsened significantly, with North Korea defiantly carrying out another nuclear test last year. Hill presented an independent report that urged more “robust diplomacy” with North Korea. The study, by the National Security Network and the National Committee on North Korea, called for the United States to… Read More ›

North KoreaThursday, February 27, 2014

Wall Street Journal Covers NSN Paper & Event On North Korea

Seeking a New U.S. Approach to North Korea February 27, 2014 Alastair Gale | Wall Street Journal Has the U.S. outsourced its North Korea policy to China? On his recent swing through Northeast Asia, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry emphasized the role that he wants Beijing to play in reining in Pyongyang’s nuclear program. China, he said after meeting its leaders, provided commitments for new action to steer North Korea toward denuclearization. No specifics were given.   For the original piece, click here.   Read More ›

Heather HurlburtIsraelPalestineThursday, February 27, 2014

Heather Hurlburt Quoted In Washington Monthly On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Battle Over Middle East Policy, and its Genesis February 27, 2014 Ed Kilgore | Washington Monthly   John Judis’ new book Genesis: Truman, American Jews, and the Origins of the Arab/Israeli Conflict, is one of those books that is exhibiting the mixed blessings of arriving on a wave of controversy that will be absorbed and discussed by a lot of people who haven’t actually read it (myself included, though it’s on my short list). While Genesis has received considerable praiseas an intense and non-polemical look at the decisions made by Americans (both Zionists and the various factions that contended for control of Middle East policy during the Truman administration) that haunt the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today, it’s also generated some exceptionally strong, even vituperative, criticism, typified by a review from Ronald… Read More ›

North KoreaNuclear SecurityWednesday, February 26, 2014

Rep. Eliot Engel Comments on NSN Paper and Event

Rep. Eliot L. Engel, the senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, released the following statement following today’s event on the challenges posed by a nuclear North Korea hosted by the National Committee on North Korea and the National Security Network. ” I would like to acknowledge John Bradshaw of the National Security Network (NSN), and Karin Lee of the National Committee on North Korea (NCNK), for their work on the joint report that seeks to tackle the difficult issues in dealing with North Korea. I also want to thank Ambassador Chris Hill, our former lead negotiator to the Six-Party Talks, who knows first-hand the challenge of negotiating with the North Koreans. To read comments in their entirety, please click here. Read More ›

North KoreaNuclear SecurityWednesday, February 26, 2014

NSN Paper and Event Discussed in Global Security Newswire

Experts Call for Steps to Jump-Start North Korea Nuclear Engagement February 26, 2014   Rachel Oswald | Global Security Newswire   A new expert report recommends changing U.S. policy on North Korea denuclearization to focus more on interim steps and crisis-stability measures. A paper by the National Security Network and the National Committee on North Korea argues a change of approach is needed as the current policy of refusing to engage until Pyongyang first takes serious disarmament steps “risks de facto recognition of North Korea as a nuclear power.” …   For the original piece, click here. The article was also posted by the National Journal here, and by World News here. Read More ›

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paul Eaton Interviewed By SiriusXM Progress on Proposed Military Budget Cuts

Major General Paul Eaton (Ret.) Interviewed By Ari Rabin-Havt on The Agenda on SiriusXM Progress  to discuss proposed cuts to the military budget. February 26, 2014 |  The Agenda: SiriusXM Progress   Major General Paul D. Eaton, who served more than 30 years in the United States Army in combat and post-combat assignments in Iraq, Bosnia and Somalia, joined Ari Rabin-Havt on The Agenda on SiriusXM Progress early Wednesday morning to discuss proposed cuts to the military budget. But his most interesting statements were in response to Dick Cheney’s divisive comments on Fox News reiterating the “Food Stamp President” cries of the far right. “It’s unfortunate that he has not followed the …model of his former boss, President Bush, and gone off quietly to write his… Read More ›

North KoreaWednesday, February 26, 2014

REPORT: U.S. Policy towards North Korea

U.S. Policy towards North Korea: Strategic Shaping and Interim Steps to Denuclearization For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 WASHINGTON, DC — Today, the National Security Network and the National Committee on North Korea released the paper, “U.S. Policy towards North Korea: Strategic Shaping and Interim Steps to Denuclearization.” The paper’s release coincided with an event on Capitol Hill featuring Ambassador Christopher Hill, NSN Executive Director John Bradshaw, and NCNK Executive Director Karin Lee. Below is an executive summary of the paper. To read the full report, click here. North Korea’s WMD program advances pose an increasing threat to the U.S. while its brinksmanship tactics create instability and the risk of conflict arising from miscalculation. The administration’s emphasis on coordination with South Korea, Japan, and China is an important step toward… Read More ›

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Paul Eaton Quoted In Huffington Post On VP Cheney & Foreign Policy

Major General Criticizes Dick Cheney For Attacking Obama On Foreign Policy February 26, 2014 Paige Lavender | Huffington Post   Major General Paul D. Eaton criticized former Vice President Dick Cheney for hitting President Barack Obama on foreign policy. On Monday, Cheney criticized a proposal that called for shrinking the Army to its smallest size in 74 years, saying it would do “long-term damage to our military.” …   “Vice President Cheney is one of the architects of the worst foreign policy disaster of the 21st century,” Eaton said. “We’re young, but the decision to attack Iraq, and to do so in such an incompetent manner, does not give him a platform to say anything about the foreign policy under execution today.” “Vice President Cheney… Read More ›

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