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The National Security Initiative (NSI) is the 501c(3) arm of the National Security Network, the leading edge of advocacy and communications for a forward-thinking, principled and pragmatic national security policy.  We combine a nationwide network of the most experienced and brightest foreign policy minds with strong media outreach, utilizing new and social media to make our ideas actionable for policymakers; accessible to opinion leaders and the media; and visible in the media marketplace of ideas.  We bridge the divides that too often fracture American policy-making:  public and private sectors, Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch, Beltway-centered and state-level viewpoints, policy wonks and the old and new media.  We do this by:  bringing the best policy minds together through task forces and informal, off-the-record gatherings; serving as a trusted connector across issues, in and out of government, and between policy and politics; pushing out the best policy in uncomplicated, accessible short forms to non-experts, political and opinion leaders and advocates; working with traditional and new media to promote and defend those policy ideas, explicitly targeting journalists and bloggers themselves as well as seeing them as a transmitter to policymakers; and taking issues and messages to outside-the-Beltway audiences that are politically-vital but often neglected by the foreign policy establishment.  We work on a broad range of issues that are topical from either a policy or a political perspective:  regional issues such as Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the Middle East; functional concerns such as nonproliferation, energy and the human rights-and-security challenges involved in fighting terrorism; and overarching concerns about what the U.S. role in the world and national security strategy should look like.  This breadth allows us to play a unique role as convener, explainer and dot-connector on any specific issue.


NSI Board of Directors

Daniel Cruise, Chairman

Gordon Goldstein
John Hall
Brian Mathis
Leah Pisar
Lee Wolosky



Advisory Board and Staff

NSI shares an Advisory Board and staff with our associated C4 partner, the National Security Network.

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