Joint Statement by NSN/NSI Board Members on Iran Nuclear Deal

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Joint Statement by NSN/NSI Board Members on Iran Nuclear Deal

Statement by National Security Network and National Security Initiative Board Members on Iran Nuclear Deal

July 14, 2015

The Board of the National Security Network and the National Security Initiative as well as NSN’s Advisory Board made the following statement regarding today’s announcement of a nuclear agreement with Iran:

The comprehensive joint plan of action (CJPoA) announced July 14th between the P5+1 nations and Iran represents a major step toward the goal of preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and, rigorously implemented, will make America safer.

The CJPoA is the result of years of patient and shrewd negotiation by nuclear experts and diplomats, led by the Obama administration, resulting in an agreement that cuts all pathways for Iran to build a nuclear weapon. Under the agreement, Iran will significantly reduce its total number of centrifuges, redesign the Arak and Fordow reactors, and accept cradle-to-grave monitoring of uranium production to detect any secret attempts to build a nuclear weapon; this monitoring and inspections regime is the most intrusive ever negotiated in a non-proliferation agreement.

These provisions provide the tools to detect violations by Iran, and will enable the United States and the international community to take the appropriate response if such violations occur. While this is not a perfect agreement – no negotiated agreement ever is – it is very strong on the merits and vastly preferable to both the status quo and alternative options. With some provisions lasting up to 25 years, the agreement will quadruple Iran’s breakout time (the time it would take to weaponize its nuclear capabilities) from the current period of just a few months, up to a full year.

Today’s agreement represents a significant achievement in the history of global non-proliferation efforts. The deal shows that proactive American leadership and tough negotiations can deliver solutions that enhance our national security. The agreement is scientific and rigorous, based on verification and accountability and not on trusting Iran to comply.

Implementation will require continued vigilance and strong diplomacy, but there is no doubt that the world is safer with the agreement than without it. By addressing the most pressing nuclear non-proliferation issue in the Middle East, this agreement advances U.S. security interests and makes our country and world safer.

It is now up to Congress to review and deliberate the terms of the final agreement reached between the P5+1 and Iran. This is a solemn responsibility; Congress should consider the deal on its merits, without prejudgment.


Sandy Berger

Rand Beers

Daniel Benjamin

Daniel Cruise

Michael Hanna

Bruce Jentleson

Brian Katulis

David Mercer

Maria Otero

Leah Pisar

Daniel Restrepo

Jeremy Rosner

Julie Smith

Nancy Soderberg 

Tara Sonenshine

Mona Sutphen

Andrew Weiss


Secretary Kerry Listens as EU High Representative Mogherini Speaks During Final EU, P5+1 Session With Iranian Officials. [State Department, 7/14/15]

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