The National Security Network (NSN) was founded in June 2006 to revitalize America’s national security policy, bringing cohesion and strategic focus to the progressive national security community.

Our Vision

NSN is dedicated to developing innovative national security solutions that are both pragmatic and principled. We believe in countering emerging threats by drawing on the best traditions of American foreign policy: a strong and flexible military combined with shrewd diplomacy, the effective use of alliances, and an unwavering commitment to America’s basic values.

Who We Are

The Need: There is a strong appetite in Washington and around the country for smart, compelling, and fact-based approaches to national security issues.

What NSN offers: The National Security Network (NSN) develops and advances national security solutions and progressive policies that are pragmatic and principled. Working with experts and activists, candidates and elected officials, we collect, analyze, distil, and disseminate the best progressive national security ideas to equip decision makers and policy influencers with the most useful narratives framed in language that works for them and that their constituents understand and support.

What NSN Aims to Achieve: We promote selective and pragmatic international engagement that emphasizes diplomatic and economic tools, alongside the responsible use of military action, to ensure America’s security and promote American values.

What We Do

NSN concentrates on bridging the gaps in thought and action between both policy experts and policy makers, and Washington politics and the American public. NSN challenges misguided and overly-militarized conservative approaches to foreign policy through:

  • Policy analysis and development: NSN convenes top foreign policy experts and advocates to identify and develop strong progressive policy, and then distributes these ideas in ways that elected officials, the media, activists, and experts alike can understand and use.
  • Messaging: With a nimble and rapid response, NSN works with experts, advocacy groups, and candidates to develop and sharpen national security messages that will resonate with the broadest public audience.
  • Building and Strengthening a progressive national security network: NSN offers sharp policy analysis, builds bridges, and distributes resources to help progressives – from Capitol Hill and national advocacy campaigns to local community groups – turn shared principles into smart, savvy national security postures.
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