A Framework for Stopping Iran from Getting Nuclear Weapons

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A Framework for Stopping Iran from Getting Nuclear Weapons

A framework for stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons

By Brian Katulis, Chairman of the NSN Board of Directors
July 19, 2015 | Providence Journal

The Obama administration took an important step to advance America’s security in completing the comprehensive joint plan of action, or CJPoA. The deal negotiated in Vienna represents the best of the available options for dealing with Iran’s nuclear program. It avoids both the hazards and uncertainties of military action, and provides a strong international framework for stopping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon.

One interesting aspect of the debate sparked last week by the Iran deal is that most critics are unclear about what they would propose as an alternative to the current deal – it is not clear that additional sanctions would have motivated Iran to make more concessions, and the prospect of another war in the Middle East is not appealing to many.

A key strength of this agreement is that it brings together the world’s leading powers and outlines commitments from Iran.

Brian Katulis is a Senior Fellow at American Progress, where his work focuses on U.S. national security policy in the Middle East and South Asia.

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Photo Credit: Secretary Kerry Addresses Reporters After EU, P5+1 Reached a Nuclear Agreement With Iran in Austria [U.S. Department of State,  06/14/2015]

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