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Friday, November 6, 2015

Rubio on National Security: A Candidate of the Past

RUBIO ON NATIONAL SECURITY: A CANDIDATE OF THE PAST John Bradshaw, Executive Director at NSN November 6, 2015 | THE HUFFINGTON POST Marco Rubio wants to be perceived as a youthful, forward-looking candidate, but his views on foreign policy are frozen in the Cold War. He fixates on Cold War enemies — Russia, China, Iran, and Cuba — and hasn’t updated his worldview to account for the changes that have arisen in recent decades. In his speeches, debates, and a recent article in Foreign Affairs, Rubio lays out foreign policy views that borrow the rhetoric of Ronald Reagan and the policies of Bush-era neoconservatives. He sees potential conflicts everywhere and prefers to address them using military force. His critique of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy ignores… Read More ›

Climate SecurityFriday, November 6, 2015

NSN Founder Rand Beers Speaks at Dartmouth on National Security Challenges

NSN Founder Rand Beers Speaks at Dartmouth on National Security Challenges Official: Focus on Security Threats November 6, 2015 | Valley News Hanover — One of the nation’s most experienced counterterrorism officials, who held senior positions under five Republican and Democrat presidents, told a Dartmouth College audience Thursday that Russia and China currently pose bigger security challenges than terrorism. Moreover, Rand Beers contended, “we really don’t pay enough attention to other serious existential threats — accelerated climate change, global pandemics such as Ebola and disruptive solar weather events. “Last week, security officials met in the White House to discuss the impact, or potential impact, of serious space weather like solar flares that have the potential to wipe out entire electricity generating and distribution systems. We simply… Read More ›

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