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IranNuclear SecurityFriday, August 7, 2015

Sen. Schumer’s Partial Endorsement of the Iran Deal

Sen. Schumer’s partial endorsement of the Iran deal By John Bradshaw, Executive Director of NSN August 7, 2015 Chuck Schumer’s announcement that he will vote to disapprove the Iran deal was not unexpected, but his detailed explanation of his decision contains some surprisingly positive analysis of the agreement.  After citing a number of weaknesses he sees in the first ten years of the deal, Schumer admits that: “Those who argue for the agreement say it is better to have an imperfect deal than to have nothing; that without the agreement, there would be no inspections, no snapback. When you consider only this portion of the deal — nuclear restrictions for the first ten years — that line of thinking is plausible”. Not a ringing endorsement, to be sure, but… Read More ›

IranNuclear SecurityFriday, August 7, 2015

J. Dana Stuster Quoted on Iran’s Military

Without A Bomb, What Is Iran’s Military Capable Of Doing? By Michael Lane Smith July 31, 2015 | Task & Purpose Keeping Iran from getting a nuclear weapon has been an international priority. Without a nuke, how does the Iranian military shape up?… J. Dana Stuster, a policy analyst at the National Security Network think tank, recently went so far to say the rhetoric supports “an alarmist mischaracterization of Iran’s role in the geopolitics of the Middle East.” The conflicting arguments illustrate the schism in perspective regarding Iran’s ability to cause the United States and its allies harm. Stuster cites political motives for some of the postering from American congressional leaders hoping to discredit the recent nuclear deal with Iran, and Ilan Goldenberg, senior fellow and director… Read More ›

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