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SyriaFriday, August 30, 2013

Paul Eaton Quoted In The Nation on Syria

How Our Democracy Ignores the Military Case Against Syria Intervention By Eric Alterman and Reed Richardson August 30, 2013 | The Nation   My new Think Again column is called The Mainstream Media and the Slowly Boiling Frog and it’s about global warming. Two things: 1) Here is a list among other things, of people who thought it would be cool to invade Iraq, with pro-genocide, Elliott Abrams. 2) In this article about a visit to the West Bank town of Hebron in the Times of Israel, Marc Goldberg writes, “in Hebron I feel like we’re winning the battle and losing it at the same time. I feel like God himself is playing a trick on us, saying that we can have our Holy Places… Read More ›

Heather HurlburtSyriaFriday, August 30, 2013

Heather Hurlburt Quoted In CNN On Syria

Polarized Congress finds uncommon common ground over strikes in Syria By Leigh Ann Caldwell August 30, 2013 | CNN   Washington (CNN) — Congress is a stalemated cesspool of government shutdown showdowns that could come straight from an Aaron Sorkin TV series. But on the issue of using military force in Syria, bipartisanship is coming from unexpected places. Liberal members of Congress are joining forces with some of the most conservative to rein in the president. For instance, two lawmakers who legislate from complete opposite ends of the political spectrum are calling for the president to back down from a possible military strike. “The president’s line in the sand may have been a strategic blunder. But it is not enough reason to go to war,”… Read More ›

SyriaThursday, August 29, 2013

Paul Eaton Quoted In Politico On Syria

Syria again throws spotlight on selective leak policy By Jonathan Allen August 29, 2013 | Politico   President Barack Obama has defended his aggressive pursuit and prosecution of certain leakers by arguing that the release of national security secrets can endanger American forces. But he and his aides have been silent so far on his own administration’s campaign to detail war plans for a series of strikes on Syria that are expected in the coming days. A National Security Council spokeswoman referred questions about whether Obama would launch an investigation into Syria leaking to the Justice Department. “No comment,” Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said. Obama is coming under fire from Republicans, editorialists and even civil libertarians for his seemingly selective outrage — and selective… Read More ›

IranThursday, August 29, 2013

Special Update: Iran’s Nuclear News: In Regional Uncertainty, Opportunity

Yesterday the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN nuclear watchdog, released its latest quarterly report on Iran’s controversial nuclear program. The report is the first since the inauguration of Hassan Rouhani as president, and most of the period under review took place before his term began. Observers were surprised by some positive findings, including a slowing of accumulation of the most sensitive nuclear material. However, the continued development of nuclear capacity highlights the need for a push on substantive international negotiations. The new government in Tehran and the crisis in Syria both offer openings to pursue U.S. interests pragmatically, while Iran’s new leader tries to resolve the economic and political pressure he is under. Details of the report. The New York Times reports, “international nuclear… Read More ›

Heather HurlburtSyriaThursday, August 29, 2013

Heather Hurlburt Quoted by BuzzFeed Politics on Syria

Syria Is Not Kosovo, Balkan Veterans Say By Rosie Gray August 29, 2013 | BuzzFeed  WASHINGTON — Diplomats who were involved in the West’s intervention in Kosovo in 1999 say the situation offers little precedent for the Obama administration’s planned attack on Syria, despite comparisons in the press. The New York Times reported over the weekend that President Obama’s “national security aides are studying the NATO air war in Kosovo as a possible blueprint for acting without a mandate from the United Nations.” Balkans hands from the late 1990s say the situations bear little resemblance and that the example of Kosovo shouldn’t serve as a model for action in Syria. “The similarities between what we did in Kosovo and what is now being proposed in Syria… Read More ›

SyriaWednesday, August 28, 2013

Special Update: Considerations for Syria Response

Great Britain will present a draft resolution to the UN Security Council today “authorizing necessary measures to protect civilians,” including force, in Syria and condemning alleged chemical weapons attacks. This follows Secretary of State John Kerry’s statement earlier this week, “President Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world’s most heinous weapons against the world’s most vulnerable people.” The White House has said that it is focused on limited strikes to punish the regime for its reported use of chemical weapons. Unfortunately, as the Center for American Progress states, “There are no good policy options in Syria, and the reports of likely chemical-weapons use by the Assad regime only reinforce this conclusion.” American and global publics will need clarity on… Read More ›

Heather HurlburtSyriaTuesday, August 27, 2013

Syria and the Limits Of ‘Responsibility To Protect’ | Heather Hurlburt and Homa Hassan

By Heather Hurlburt and Homa Hassan August 27, 2013 | US News and World Report It wasn’t supposed to be this way. When United Nations members were prodded to establish a “responsibility to protect” doctrine, establishing that states must secure the lives of their citizens and that if they fail outsiders may step in, advocates assumed that heightened awareness and acknowledgement of atrocities would be enough to impel more visible international action – in contrast to the debacles in the 1990s, in which hundreds of thousands of civilians died in Rwanda and Bosnia, and the international community split over the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention. Two years in, Syria increasingly resembles Bosnia at the same juncture, with 100,000 dead and a seemingly insurmountable split at the… Read More ›

SyriaWednesday, August 28, 2013

Paul Eaton Quoted In The New Republic on Syria

Not Sure How to Feel About Syria? These are the six questions you should ask By John B. Judis August 28, 2013 | New Republic   The Obama administration now seems likely to approve a military strike against Syria in retaliation for its use of chemical weapons. Why is the administration so bent on intervention? Isn’t it violating international law? What will be the likely impact of an attack? Will it plunge the United States into another war in the Middle East? Or will it have no effect whatsoever on the carnage? Should the U.S. go further and ensure a rebel victory by crippling Bashar al Assad’s regime? Or should it stand back and watch the two sides destroy each other and the county? What… Read More ›

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